Busy, busy, busy

Hello everyone! 🙋

I feel like I haven’t blogged in ages! Probably because I haven’t blogged in ages…I know, I know – I’m rubbish.

Starting a new job has really taken it out of me and it wasn’t helped by the fact that in my first week I came down with the worst cold I’ve had in years. If it hadn’t been my first week I would have taken at least two or three days off. But apart from the fact that from Wednesday to Saturday of that week I did actually sound like a 14-year-old boy going through puberty I survived and I’m absolutely loving my job so it’s all good.

I have been completely knackered though which is why most of the time I’ve just come home, sat on the sofa and knitted until I go to bed at about 9.30 (because yes, I really am an 80-year-old woman) rather than getting my laptop out and blogging. My number one priority is making sure that I’m coping well with work and not overdoing things, but I promise blogging is a close second 😉.

It’s not even just the 9-5 job that’s tiring but I have a drive either end which takes anything from 1 hour and 15 minutes to up to 2 hours (my record is 2 hours and 24 minutes) which significantly impacts how tired I am. Driving home, especially when driving around central London is such hard work and so I really am knackered all the time. After that I still want to see friends and family and go out to the cinema and that’s before I even consider what I still have to do on my to-do list!


But I feel like I’m definitely striking the right balance, I’ve perhaps been over-cautious but I often find my health and my joints take a real nose-dive when the weather gets colder and so I’ve been careful. I’m feeling good at the moment though, and so I’m looking forward to writing more blogs and hopefully doing plenty more blog-worthy things because somehow I don’t think you want to know about the latest episode of Dinner Date or Come Dine With Me that mum and I watched as I spent yet another evening curled up on the sofa.

Now I’ve got to go, the oven is telling me my dinner is ready and I really need to catch up on last night’s Apprentice – no spoilers please! 🙊

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