You Got The Power…

So in the middle of my holiday to Potters I had to make a day trip back to London to see Little Mix at the O2. I don’t think my physio and OT were very impressed with my lack of pacing on that particular day but OH MY GOODNESS…it was so worth it.

Just to give you an idea of how I approach these things. I’m not the biggest fan of concerts and gigs and things like that. The crowds, the crush to leave the venue, all of that sort of stuff makes me so on edge that I struggle to relax. But I actually had the best time of my whole life (so far…)

My enjoyment mainly came from how much the girls absolutely killed it. But I will also talk about the venue because that’s what I’m actually meant to be doing.

Erin and I
I honestly couldn’t say who enjoyed themselves more – me or my cousin, Erin!ย 


We had an amazing view from where we were sitting. My Aunty and my cousin, Erin were both sat next to me. The section was nice and wide and so was the walkway just behind the wheelchair spaces. I hate being knocked by people as they walk past but there was plenty of space so that didn’t happen once.

Getting around

It was all really well signposted with plenty of space in all the areas so everyone had plenty of room to mingle and make their way to where they needed to be.

The disabled loos were located near to the allocated wheelchair spaces and they were all accessed by a RADAR key which is always good at big venues as it stops them being used by people trying to skip the queue for the other loos!

One thing that wasn’t great was that they only seemed to have two lifts. This wasn’t a problem at all when we got there but when we were leaving we had to wait for three lifts full of people to go before we could finally get into one. It wasn’t a major problem, I usually wait for the main rush of people to leave before setting off anyway so we missed the worst of it.

Having said that we did nearly then get caught in a Mufasa-style crush of people trying to get into the station. Luckily my Aunty managed to save us before we got swept away with everyone and the staff were really lovely in getting us through the easiest way possible.

I think overall, I’d give the O2 4 wheels out of 5.

4 wheels

It was always going to be busy so I can’t really fault them for that. It was nice and easy to push myself around everywhere. There was plenty of space for everyone to get around. I think if there were maybe some more lifts and an easier way to get to the station it could potentially have been a full 5 wheels!


So I’m currently in Abu Dhabi so I promise I’m taking plenty of pictures so that I can write all about it when I get back. If you want updates in the meantime I’ll be posting plenty of irritating holiday pictures on my Instagram so have a look there!



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