Intercontinental Abu Dhabi

So we stayed here on the last leg of our trip. I’m gonna be honest, the end of season blues, combined with the impending holiday blues and the come down of the excitement of the weekend meant I was not as appreciative of this place as I should have been at the start.

Once I’d got over myself I think this was definitely my favourite of the three hotels that we stayed in. It had two pools, both pools had swim up pool bars 😎 The one down by the marina was an infinity pool and had a beach section just beyond the pool on the edge of the marina. The food here was really nice and there was a nice area outside overlooking the marina where we ate in the evenings. They had some live music on our last night, which was really lovely and they had films playing on a wall or big screen in the background. They had two gyms and as far as I could tell, one of the two gyms was the only thing that I couldn’t get to because of the chair, everything else was accessible.

Despite this being one of the older hotels in Abu Dhabi I felt it was really well kept, everywhere was lovely and clean, they’d clearly made a conscious effort to make sure there were ramps wherever they needed them and the staff (once again) were really friendly and great at making sure we had everything we needed.

It was really lovely to end our holiday here, it gave us a chance to just relax after the excitement and rush of the racing weekend before we came back home. It’s definitely somewhere that I would look to go again if I was ever going back to Abu Dhabi.


As with my review of the Yas Viceroy, I didn’t stay in an accessible room so I while I want to give them full marks I don’t really feel that I can. So I’m gonna give them 4 wheels but if I’m ever back there I’ll make sure to find out and update you here

4 wheels

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