Yas Viceroy Hotel

So this is the hotel that sits right in the middle of the racetrack which was totally epic. We had the best view from our balcony.

If you go at other times of the year there’s some noise from people testing cars and doing hot laps but cos they were gearing up for the F1 we didn’t get to see any of that and so it was pretty peaceful.

They have a few different restaurants in there; the ones we ate in were lovely and the others all looked just as fab. There’s a really nice mix so there should be something to suit everyone’s tastes.

There are two pools, one is a family pool and the other is adults only. The family one is raised up and the only way to get up there is via stairs so I didn’t even see what that one looked like! The other one was really nice, it was nice and quiet up there with a view over the marina. The pool itself had a sloped entrance so you didn’t have to deal with any steps or drops at all.

I found it nice and easy to get around the hotel, there weren’t any heavy doors to deal with, all the staff were really helpful in making sure we had everything we needed, it was all kept really nice and clean.

I really enjoyed staying in the hotel, I’m going to give 4 wheels – this is partly because I didn’t stay in the accessible bedroom which is no fault of theirs – we didn’t request one. The room we stayed in was gorgeous and there was plenty of room so that I could leave my chair and walk about. I’m sure the accessible room was great and had I stayed in that and been impressed I think it may possibly have been my first 5 wheels. If I’m ever going back I’ll make sure I get an accessible room so I can update you all.

4 wheels

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