Potters Leisure Resort

Hey everyone!

Hope you’re all good. So I told you all I was off on a short holiday so I’m here to tell you all about it 😁

So I’ve actually done a blog about Potters before. I’m pretty sure it was the second or third blog I ever did so if you wanna take a look at that one as well then I’ll pop a link at the bottom for you.

But I’ll go through everything in a bit more detail here. In all honesty, all my favourite things are exactly the same. Potters has been one of my favourite places to go for years. It caters for absolutely everyone’s wants and needs and it has a range of activities so whoever you are, whatever you enjoy you will definitely find something to keep you entertained.



You have the option of staying in the hotel or staying in one of their bungalows. They do have a couple of adapted bungalows that you can book which have ramped entrances, adapted bathrooms and a lot more space within the bungalow to manoeuvre any mobility aids you might have. The only thing is that these get booked up very quickly so it’s not always possible to get them.

Having said that, we told them that I had access needs when we booked and a few weeks before we were due to go they got in contact with us to make sure the room they had put me in was going to be big enough for me to get around in. Which I was very impressed with.

The room was nice a spacious but the door was very heavy and I struggled with that quite a bit.

Getting around

Potters is a pretty big place and it covers a lot of land. Overall it’s not too bad to get around. The only place I couldn’t get to because of stairs was the beach. But it was the end of October and while we did have beautiful weather it was a bit chilly and to be perfectly honest with you I’m not much of a beach person. I was quite happy to sit at the top of the cliff and admire the view 😎 The other place I couldn’t get to because of the stairs was the gym…buuuttttt I was on holiday so I really didn’t care about that.

The adapted bungalows are right by the main complex which is good, if you have one of the bungalows down towards the beach then it could be a lot of walking/pushing to get up there everyday. I was staying in the hotel which is attached to the complex itself so that’s as close as you can get!

The only thing that made getting around difficult was their choice of carpet. I know I’ve mentioned this before and I’m not sure if it makes any sense unless you’ve had to push a chair on thick carpet. The only comparison I can make is that it’s a bit like trying to run through water. Slow and much harder work that normal. Some carpetted areas were much better than others but there are some sections where I had to really fight with my chair to not veer sharply to one side and also to keep moving.

Apart from the carpets the complex itself is nicely laid out, all the doorways and floors are nice and flat, there weren’t any unexpected bumps to deal with. Most of the doors were nice and light, most of the time someone would help open the door before I even had the chance to try and open it on my own but when I did have to open it myself most of them were very light. The doors to the loos were all automatic as well which was great.

Food 😍

I never eat anywhere near as much as I do when I’m at Potters. All your meals are included in the cost of your stay so you can have as much or as little as you want at breakfast time. The same again at lunch time, if you wanted to you can have a full three-course meal. And AGAIN at dinner time. And then if you were still a bit peckish after all that you have a midnight supper to fill you up.

Honestly, if someone tried to give me as much food at home as they do at Potters I’d probably be sick but probably because of how active your days are you seem to approach each meal time absolutely starving. I’ve been going for 23 years and I still don’t understand how my body does it.

Activities and Entertainment

There is so much to do at Potters that I wouldn’t believe anyone who said that they’d run out of things to do while they were there. They have themed breaks so it would make sense that certain breaks will definitely be more suited to you than others; they have dance breaks, sports breaks, family breaks, all sorts.

They have tennis, squash, badminton, football, table tennis courts. They have quizzes every day. They have bingo every night. They have new skills classes that you can try (Mum and I are now totally obsessed with glass engraving…) They have a spa, they have a swimming pool, they have a gym, they have mini golf…and I’ve probably forgotten about loads of stuff as well.

In all honesty, you’ll probably find that you don’t have time to do everything that you want to do rather than running out of things to keep you occupied. And every evening there is a show which are always very high quality and we really enjoy them.


So rating, from an access point of view, I’m gonna give Potters wheels 4 out of 5.

4 wheels
– My room in the hotel was much bigger than before but the door was very heavy so I struggled with that, especially when I was on my own.
– Certain areas aren’t accessible mainly because there isn’t a lift or ramp, like the beach or the gym.
– All the areas that are on the one level have been made accessible via ramps so every location for activities has a ramp somewhere so actually there aren’t really any places I struggled to get to.

For the enjoyment factor I would ALWAYS give it 5 out of 5. It really is one of my absolute places to go!

If you did fancy reading about the last time I went here’s the last one I wrote.


I’m off on holiday again soon! So I’ll be blogging all about that when I get back. I’ll also be posting about my trip to see Little Mix while I’m away so keep your eyes peeled for that. I’m not sure who was more excited, me or my 10-year old cousin!!

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  1. We have been visiting Potters over the last 15 yrs, usually once a year sometimes twice it’s not cheap but when you get there you will find it’s fantastic value, with so much to do and eat, all included in the price

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