Almost-like Champagne…

Hello everyone! 👋

As predicted, mother loved the blog.


(Knew I could count on you, Mum.) But all joking aside I have been completely blown away by the reaction that my first post got. I was expecting a few people to find it quite funny but people that I don’t even know have been commenting and liking it on Facebook and it has actually got nearly 700 views. My first post. Crazy. So thank you to everyone who shared, commented, liked or even just read it. I’m truly grateful for the vast amount of support that I’ve received. 😍

Right, I’ll stop being soppy now.

Now I had planned to post my next blog yesterday however, I have spent the weekend in quite possibly my favourite place in the whole world. Potters Leisure Resort based in Hopton-on-Sea. Potters is amazing and I’ve been going since I was a baby, in fact the first time I visited I was 6 weeks old. So yesterday when I had originally planned to blog I was actually doing an important music quiz and then later I was busy doing archery and then of course I had to do have my extensive three-course lunch and then…well, then I went and spent the afternoon in the spa followed by Pimms on the green with my Mum and Aunty Kathy. So, I had such a busy day that it became impossible to write anything, honest! And now it’s a bit late in the day but I was off seeing Bump! and Buckle Up at the Redbridge Drama Centre which were both excellent and you should totally catch them in Edinburgh if you can, you will thank me later. But my busy weekend does mean that I can tell you all about the adventures that I’ve had. Are you excited? Yeah. You should be.

Three years ago I convinced a group of my friends that we should go to Potters together. We ended up going for four nights, Monday to Thursday during term time. I did try to explain that this was the only reason that nearly every other guest at Potters was over the age of 60. I’m not entirely sure they bought it and we still had the best time, but this weekend would have been proof enough that what I was saying was true. Being the first weekend of the school summer holidays Potters was absolutely packed and the range of people there was incredible. There were kids of all ages there, even real littlies and then went right up through all the ages up to Edie who was celebrating her 99th birthday. Potters is well equipped to entertain and accommodate all the people that come through their doors and I was so impressed with the facilities, not just for me in my chair but my whole family.

Now the main thing that I was impressed with may be something that you just don’t understand. It is quite a bizarre thing to be impressed by but I was so I’m going to share it with you. There was not one occasion where I was sat outside a disabled toilet waiting for someone else to come out. Yeah, I know, it probably sounds really stupid but a lot of places will just have one single disabled toilet (if they have one at all) in the hope that it’ll be enough for all the disabled people that they may encounter. Now this is probably down to a few factors:

  1. There were a lot of disabled toilets dotted all over the place some of which were inside the regular “male”/”female” toilets
  2. The “regular” toilets all had automatic doors (which was really disconcerting when you approached the loo and both doors flew open as you approached) which I think is a genius idea. As someone who will occasionally hobble around on crutches I am much more likely to pop into the disabled loo than battle with the heavy doors on the other toilets
  3. I have impeccable timing skills.

I can imagine that you aren’t particularly interested about the state of the disabled loos so I think to try and convince you to all go to Potters (which you just should because it’s absolutely amazing) I think I’ll just list all my favourite bits of the weekend. Here we go:

  • The food. That you can get at pretty much any time of the day and ridiculous amounts of food at that. I’ve probably put on about half a stone
  • The three bottles of almost-like champagne that I won over the course of the weekend
  • Absolutely smashing the music quiz by getting nearly double the amount of points that anyone else got
  • James’ (one of the entertainment staff) bingo calling (even if I didn’t win) but more importantly his INCREDIBLE suit that had the pattern of dollar bills
  • My Mark Brewer merchandise
  • ArcheryIMG-20150720-WA0000
  • The shows in the evening
  • Frankies Guys on Saturday evening. Amazing
  • The outstanding customer service from absolutely every member of staff that I met
  • The spa
  • Learning that men who can dance are infinitely more attractive than anyone else. And no, knowing all the moves to the Macarena doesn’t count
  • My personal (on the stage in front of hundreds of people) viewing of 50 Shades of Grey. It has been etched in my memory for ever…

4 thoughts on “Almost-like Champagne…

  1. Molly I love this blog!!!! Everyone really should give Potters a try, you don’t know what your missing!!! x


  2. Loving the blog – laughed several times whilst reading! Don’t censor yourself by thinking we won’t find things interesting, the personal POV is great


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