Hello everyone! 🙋

So today I can quite honestly say I am the most tired I have ever been ever in my life. Ever. I have done so much since my last blog that I’m not even sure I’ll be able to fit it all into one blog. But I’ll do my best.

So on Wednesday I drove down to Exeter to help at the One Big Day there. One Big Day is an exhibition that Motability Operations puts on every summer at various places around the UK so that people can come and have a look at a range of cars, WAVSs (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles) and scooters available on the Scheme. The whole day was amazing and I absolutely loved it; it was lovely to be able to meet and talk to the people on the Scheme. Everyone was so lovely, customers who came to the event and all the staff that I met and worked alongside as well. As well as working I was able to have a test drive of one of the cars that was available for test driving. I tried a Mini 5 Door Hatch, which was AWESOME. I now am going to try and do everything I can to find a Mini that will fit my chair in the car. I will make it happen. 🚗


Once One Big Day had finished I had made plans rather than driving from Exeter back home to London in rush hour that I would make a little detour and visit Plymouth and my bestie, Storm. I hadn’t seen Storm in absolutely ages so it was so good to see her and we spent all evening catching up on the months of news that hadn’t been fully explored over Facebook messenger. We then also spent the whole journey from Plymouth to London on Friday catching up as well. All NINE HOURS OF IT.

Not even kidding it was literally the worst drive I have ever done. It rained torrentially to the point where I could barely see out of my windscreen from the minute I left Plymouth until I hit the M25. It should have been a five hour journey and despite leaving at 9.30 am we didn’t actually get back home until 6.30pm. Thanks to Storm because without her I’m pretty sure I would have actually lost my mind on that journey. And the worst part was that I had my 21st birthday/graduation party starting at 7pm so the later and later it got the more I started to panic.

Having made it home at 6.30 I then had a mad dash to get ready for my party and I think I set a new world record in women’s getting-ready-for-a-party times. I managed to get ready in 1 hour! I know, it’s a miracle. I had originally set aside the whole afternoon for getting ready so 1 hour…I was impressed.

I was all ok though, I made it to my party and I’m not even kidding I had the best time. I got some really lovely presents from my friends and it was just so nice to see so many people turn up. The room looked amazing and I cannot thank Aunty Kathy enough for the time and effort that she put into making that place look as incredible as it did. I was absolutely blown away. And then the best surprise of all was that my lovely, amazing, gorgeous friends had organised a surprise for me later in the night. Although I couldn’t quite understand why I was being dragged away from the dancefloor and out into the rain I was speechless to see the firework display that my friends then out on for me. It was absolutely amazing. It was also really great to see that neither Joe, Stephen or Jordan managed to blow themselves up as they were doing it, I was impressed. JK. 😉

Having drunk a small amount (honest) of champagne as well as a Jaegerbomb (why Nessa, whyyyy?) we hopped in a taxi and I was in bed at roughly 1am. Only to then have to get up again at 7am! 7 BLOODY AM.


I mean whose stupid idea was that for crying out loud! Yeah, yeah, alright I know. It was my stupid idea. But I can tell you, I was so hungover and tired I was really not feeling it by the time that I got to Aylesbury where the camp was taking place. The whole way there I was convinced the day was going to finish me off, hence my creation of #PrayForMolly


However, I had the best time ever, I tried archery, tennis, table tennis, field athletics and fencing. The discoveries of the day were that I’m rubbish at fencing because I’m too nice and gentle (who would’ve guessed that?!) and I’m pretty good at archery and tennis. But I’m fucking badass when it comes to javelin! I did not see that one panning out the way it did. I would have never said I was good at throwing long, sharp spears. That’s probably because no one has ever trusted me with a long, sharp spear before…

So despite being mortally hungover and desperately tired I still had an awesome time and am definitely gonna start going along to more sports activities like that. Who knows, you might even see me in the Paralympics one day… ♿

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