Peace at last…

So after my crazy, stupid, busy week last week I was rather looking forward to a week where my only plan was to catch up with a few people who I hadn’t managed see as much as I would have liked to with all the other stuff I had going on, mainly Dr. Gregory House… 😍 oh, and work of course…

Strangely enough I feel like I’ve been busier this week than I was last week. Which I definitely hasn’t been because last week was like an endurance test called “How much can you cram into one week and not die from exhaustion?” But I have felt very busy. Mainly because I have been catching up with some of my nearest and dearest.

Monday evening I saw Storm. Again. Someone asked had we surely not caught up on absolutely everything during our nine hours stuck in a car together and were we not sick of the sight of each other. My response was that three whole days had passed since our car journey, never underestimate how much can occur in three days especially when one evening contained an AWESOME party. 🙊 We had some lovely food at Wood Oven which is one of my favourite places to eat and then I went home to bed in preparation for another day at work.

Tuesday I went to my Nana and Grandad’s house for dinner after work. It also happened to be ‘AndOn theatre’s #TrollFaceTuesday in preparation for their trip to Edinburgh so I took great delight in getting them involved in it as well. They were surprisingly willing!


Excellent troll faces everyone!

Wednesday I went to the pub with my gorgeous mother and some other lovely people.

Thursday I went round to my Aunty Kathy’s house for dinner. I hadn’t seen her since the party that wouldn’t have happened without her so I wanted to go round and say thank you properly. I had such a lovely evening and a night round the Thompson’s house is always eventful. I had a personal gig performance complete with a drummer and cymbals. We had an unfortunate wrestling incident that resulted in tears despite the classic “rough play will only end in tears” warning. And then I had the pleasure of helping with bedtime. Matthew and I read Puzzle Island and managed to safely make our way across Leafy Lake and Volcano Maze to find the Wonderful Treasure. It was a rollercoaster of emotions. Then it was Erin’s bedtime story which is currently Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Erin asked if I had ever read it…

Erin, Erin, Erin.

I have lived, breathed, loved and cried Harry Potter since I was around seven years old. Not only do I know the book, I have read it four or five times and it is also my favourite of the Harry Potter films. Maybe not my favourite of the books, but definitely my favourite out of the films. So I can safely say that yes, I definitely know Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban…enjoy this glorious experience of reading the story for the first time.

Now enough because I’m sure one day I will dedicate one whole blog (or seven) to the topic of Harry Potter so I shall save it for another time. (BTW Happy Birthday Harry Potter 🎉)

Now today I had planned to meet up with two more of my favourites, the Bacon and And to my Eggs, Stephen and Jordan. Together we are BAE (Bacon And Eggs…just in case anyone hadn’t quite worked it out). 🍳🐷 However, after a week of seeing lots of people and feeling quite sore and achy all week it all caught up with me a little and I had to postpone 😢

However! It has left me time to write this for you guys though so that’s a good thing! It also means I have some time to catch up with one more of my favourites who I feared was going to be left for another week.

Come here House, entertain me with your brilliant if completely ridiculous and incorrect doctoring.



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