Hello, everyone! 🙋

So because I’m so totally gutted that I’m not going to Edinburgh this year I’ve decided to get involved in the best way I can think of without actually being there (cries… 😢) I’ve decided that rather than resenting all you lucky people who are actually going to the festival I’d give you a few suggestions on what you should definitely be putting into your schedule while you’re there.

Now I definitely don’t know any of these people. None whatsoever. Ok, I do know them. BUT! They don’t actually know that this is what I’m doing with my blog today so I can promise you guys that this isn’t just a case of someone bribing me to recommend their show. Everything in here is genuinely stuff that would be top of my list to go and see if I was going this year.

So without further ado, here are my top picks for Edinburgh 2015!

First up we have ‘AndOn Theatre who have taken Fairly Tales up to Edinburgh this year. Now I haven’t actually seen Fairly Tales yet so I think it’s probably better for you to check out http://www.andontheatre.com/home.html to find out exactly what the show is all about. Although I haven’t seen this particular show yet I did see Bits & Box which was the last family show that they did and it was so good I actually think I saw it about four times. I’m pretty sure I enjoyed it more than the younger members of my family and while this could just be a sign that I am a) incredibly childish and b) have the same sense of humour as a seven year old I’m pretty sure they aren’t the reasons I enjoyed it so much. I know plenty of people who would agree with me when I talk about how good Bits & Box was and the ‘AndOn guys do an incredible job of making sure that their show has all the right things to keep the kids and the adults entertained the whole way through. So combine this with some of your favourite fairy tales and I have high hopes for Fairly Tales. I’m already looking forward to seeing it at the Redbridge Drama Centre in October.

Fairly Tales

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Next up it’s Buckle Up Theatre who have actually taken two shows up to Edinburgh. This first one is Buckle Up which is set on one of the aeroplanes owned by Budge-It Air and we are introduced to the cabin crew who take excellent good adequate care of the audience/passengers. This show is incredibly funny and I laughed from start to finish.

Buckle Up


Their second show is Bump! This show is also incredibly funny and contains a bit of everything, dating, quantum physics and the struggle to work out how many times you can text someone before it gets weird. I enjoyed Bump! just as much as Buckle Up and possibly even more. It has just as much humour and while the piece is incredibly fast-paced there is never a time when it feels like it’s running away from itself and there are some lovely moments where it slows right down and becomes quite reflective and serious. Again, one that I thoroughly enjoyed watching and highly recommend.


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Bootworks Theatre have taken Now Listen to Me Very Carefully to the fringe festival and I have seen this show twice. Despite the fact that I have never seen Terminator 2. The show revolves around the fact that Andy has seen it roughly 238 times so in fact, it really doesn’t matter if you haven’t seen the film because by the end of watching Now Listen to Me Very Carefully you will not only feel like you have a greater knowledge of the film than you ever could have had from just watching it normally but you will also laugh non-stop and you may even get to briefly experience what it is like to be Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Warning: contains the tightest silver morph suit I have ever seen a human wear, ever. 🙈

Now Listen to Me Very Carefully

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Rhum and Clay are in Edinburgh with 64 Squares. I saw a scratch of this quite a few months ago and even in the early stages of the show I thought it was a really interesting piece that I was keen to see more of. The story itself is quite a bizarre one but it was good fun and I can guarantee that you will enjoy this show.

64 Squares

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At lastly but certainly by no means least, the Sleeping Trees are in Edinburgh with Mafia? and Western? Both of these are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I’m not even kidding I’ve seen both of them and I have never, ever, ever laughed so much in my entire life. If you had to ask me which I prefer I just couldn’t say.

What’s that I hear you say? “But Molly, my timetable is full I only have space to see one of them!”

No. You need to MAKE time. You absolutely must see both. You have to. And then we can all cry with laughter together as we discuss our favourite parts. Honestly. You will thank me for it.   Sleeping Trees

Book now! Do it!

Right, enough now, I’m going cross eyed from looking at this screen too long and my fingers are about to drop off from typing so much. But let me know if when you go and see these shows and let me know what you thought of them! Although I might not quite be over the fact that you went to Edinburgh and I didn’t so I’d broach the subject carefully, maybe after offering me a cup of tea…☕

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