Rest and relaxation

So this weekend I took some well-deserved rest (if I may say so myself 💁). Last week was pretty full on mainly because I had the worst week of commuting; most mornings my journey into work was taking at least 30 minutes longer than usual and most of my journeys home were taking over 2 hours, with my longest journey taking 2 hours and 20 minutes. 👍 By the time I was ready to smite most of the other drivers I’d encountered on my way. So by the time that Saturday came around I needed some serious destress time.

Thankfully I already had something planned with my Aunty Kathy, we were off to spend the day enjoying the delights of the Virgin Active gym that she is a member of. Our day started off with some aqua aerobics. Now let’s just take a moment to talk about aqua aerobics – this is something that I think most people associate with old ladies wearing flowery swim caps, myself included. Let me tell you, I have so much more respect for those women. I have never worked so hard in my entire life. My Aunty and I were both sweating in the swimming pool and both said that we seriously underestimated how much hard work it was going to be. So while it wasn’t quite the easy start to the day that we’d thought I thoroughly enjoyed it and I actually think I’m going to go back this Saturday.

The rest of our day involved a massive lunch to account for all the calories that we’d just burnt off and then some spa treatments (which were SO GOOD 😍).

Before we left I actually signed up with the gym. This is something that I thought about doing for a really long time but it’s just never really worked out. However, the staff at Virgin Active Chigwell made me feel so welcome. At no point did I feel like I was making their life difficult by wanting to come and use their gym and I was shown around just like I’m sure any other member of the public would have been. So I now have a gym membership which I am actually paying for which means I’m actually going to start doing exercise, it’s a miracle.

Sunday was equally chilled and my little sister and I watched our first Christmas film of the year – Santa Clause. Now, before you all start with your outrage about the fact that it’s only just turned November. It’s actually only 46 days until Christmas and that only leaves 6 weekends for shopping for Christmas presents. Which has panicked me into starting to look for Christmas presents for my family and friends because apart from three members of my family (and one best friend 😉) the rest of the people I know are getting the greatest present of all – my love and affection. Soz guys. So if you all promise to leave me to my early Christmas happiness, I’ll promise to make sure that not ALL of the blogs between now and January are based on Christmas.

Deal? Ok, deal. 👏

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