How many people does it take to get a wheelchair user down 7 flights of stairs?

Hello everyone! 🙋

Now first off I’d like to apologise for how long it’s taken me to get another blog up since my last one. It’s been a pretty busy couple of weeks, not in any massively interesting way but just non-stop with all my everyday stuff. However, I’m back and here to tell you highlights of my week once again!

My week started off with a hospital appointment at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital which meant I had to take the morning off work. The morning stretched into the afternoon and by the time that I actually got home it was actually too late to get into work. It’s difficult when I’m booking time off for hospital appointments because I can never really guarantee how long their going to be. Especially if I’m seeing a consultant rather because you can be waiting for hours to see them. So while I try and take as little time off as possible, it is completely out of my control how long I’m actually going to be at the hospital.

At the appointment itself though, I found it really refreshing because for possibly the first time ever (certainly the only time I can remember) the physiotherapist that I saw spent a large amount of time asking me exactly what it is that makes me feel uncomfortable in terms of being touched or being around other people. He wanted the exact details of why I feel uncomfortable around other people and at what point I would start to feel uncomfortable. He is now quite possibly the only person in the world who knows exactly what hurts me and what makes me feel uncomfortable, it was like an interrogation…

Tuesday was a very interesting day as well. The street where my office is was affected by a huge power cut. And although we have a back-up generator it appears that it doesn’t cover the three lifts in the building. So I was stranded on the sixth floor of my building just as I want meant to be going home. Now when the building hasn’t lost all its power it’s one of the most accessible buildings I’ve been in. It has three lifts, disabled toilets on every floor, all the doors have buttons to open them up; it’s absolutely perfect. This was just a very unfortunate incident. And the facilities team and my amazing marketing colleagues were incredible in making sure I was reunited with the ground floor. I had Mark pushing me down in an evac-chair which is just a crazy contraption that I am in no rush to use again. Rebecca was carrying my bag and Harry was carrying my wheelchair down. This was from the sixth floor down to the lower ground floor where my car was parked. I was so so grateful because part of me had just expected to camp out for the evening!

On top of this it was my last week with the fantastic Marketing team 😢 so it was full of wrapping up and handing over to another member of the team on top of all the other exciting parts of the week. I was sad to leave the Marketing team but looking forward to starting with a new one. I also have an amazing memento to take with me to my new desk

20151004_204256 [7512]

And I also have a great plan to make new friends in my new department tomorrow morning 😉

IMG_20151004_193001 [6008]

3 thoughts on “How many people does it take to get a wheelchair user down 7 flights of stairs?

  1. What a lot of adventure!

    I hate booking time off for appointments too. Thankfully I have something insane like five weeks lieu hours owed to me(don’t ask lol). My boss, is asking me how much time do I need off, I’m sure he was winding me up, but I tend to take things literally so got a little frustrated all the same. The appointment was in Swansea(I live in Cardiff) at 9:45 so was up early and I had no idea how long I was going to be waiting around for so told him curtly, Just give me the whole day off. As it turned out it was a bit of a wasted trip as the local hospital here messed up my MRI scans(another story).

    Glad you made it to the ground floor ok. I would have hated to be in that position(I can walk). I think I mentioned in another comment I have serious personal space issues and, hate being touched(Doctors trips are my worst nightmare for touching).


    1. It’s such a pain sometimes especially if you don’t book the whole day off in advance and then it turns out that you needed the whole day. Yeah I’m not great with personal space but my knee is a particular issue if anyone gets close my hands instantly forms fists just in case I need to take action!!


  2. For me it’s ticklishness. I take it to a whole new level. As a kid whenever the ‘dreaded tape measure’ came out I would be writhing about the examination bed like Regan from The Exorcist. People have learn’t not to hug me as I have on occasion instinctively pushed folks away if they have come at me unexpectedly.


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