Quick trip to the theatre



I’ve not been very well the last few of weeks so I haven’t done any exploring. So I thought I would talk about somewhere that I know like the back of my hand.

I’ve been going to the Redbridge Drama Centre since I was 10 years old and it’s changed a lot since the first time I came. The site has expanded and there is now more on offer to cater for absolutely everyone’s wants and needs. From children’s drama classes to trapeze, and opera shows to hip hop, whatever your interests are there is most definitely something for you.

I’ve done a lot at RDC over the years from being involved in a number of the different workshops, to volunteering as front of house staff for the shows to now working there part time.

The space is completely accessible, there are three “sections” of the centre and there is a disabled toilet in each section so you don’t have to go traipsing too far to find one. The step-free route to the main theatre means that you have to go outside for about half a minute but the path is completely covered so whatever the weather you can still get from one building to the other in comfort. And everyone who works there is incredibly lovely and will accommodate for any needs you may have.

I absolutely love this place, it’s been like my second home for a long, long time so you might think I’d be biased when I do my rating but I’ve made sure to be very fair. As I said in my last blog a place does have to be absolutely perfect to get the full 5 out of 5 wheels… So RDC is going to be getting 4 wheels:


There isn’t much that lets RDC down, the automatic front doors are a bit temperamental and if they aren’t working then it’s incredibly difficult to get the doors open by myself – this is the same for anyone pushing a wheelchair or a pram or anything else bulky and trying to get through the doors. And the lift to the upstairs section of the building is also a little bit faulty and is out of order as frequently as it’s not. Having said that, there is only one room up there so compared to all the rooms that are downstairs the number of people who would have to use the lift is minimal. So overall RDC gets a very positive review from me!

I have some very exciting adventures over the next month, so there will be plenty of stuff for me to share with you which I’m very excited about! Make sure you follow me on Instagram to see even more 😁🛫🚗


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