Third time lucky…


I know exactly what you’re all thinking; ‘who is this person again?’. And then once you remember it’ll turn into ‘hang on a second, she disappears off the face of the earth and then comes swanning back expecting us all to take an interest in what she has to say again’. I know, I suck, I’m sorry. 😔

There’s no excuse really for my extended absence but I’ll try to justify it anyway just to feel better about myself.

I’m gonna be honest with you all – 2016 was probably the worst year of my life so far. It was pretty, blooming awful. I spent all of my time, focus and energy on maintaining a smile and making sure I just got through each individual day. I kept telling myself (and my close friends and family) that I would start the blog up again and at first it was “in the New Year!” but like most New Years Resolutions that went straight out the window. What I struggled with was that when things were really bad I couldn’t even deal with everything myself let alone starting to think about writing blogs to share with others. But then as 2017 got on and things got better I just couldn’t find it in myself to start writing again. This is actually my third attempt at writing this ‘comeback’ blog (hence the title) and this time, I’m determined.

Interestingly, the reason I’ve finally got my butt in gear is that the last few months have been pretty rubbish in terms of my disability. I’ve struggled more in the last 2 months than I have in the last 2 years with pain and health issues. I’d made such great progress and then I suddenly found all the work I’ve done over the last couple of years unravelling and I was caught in a downward spiral that I couldn’t get myself out of. But, it’s  reminded me that this is exactly why I started the blog. To share my experiences of the difficulties that I have to deal with to help people to understand or to help people realise that it’s not just them struggling.

So, if there is anyone still reading, I’m back. I’m even more determined to make this exciting for the both of us. 💪

In order to do that I’m gonna shake things up a bit. Everytime I go to somewhere new and/or exciting I’m going to share it with you. It may be three times in one week but equally there might only be one in a month. This is something that will depend on any flare ups I have and whether or not I’m trying hard enough at maintaining my social life but if I go somewhere exciting, no matter how far apart those outings may be, I’ll be sure to share it on here with you 😊

At the moment I’m doing some work experience in Bury St Edmunds so keep your eyes peeled over the weekend for an update of my travels 🚗

4 thoughts on “Third time lucky…

  1. Well done Angel. We understand how hard your struggle is and we also understand your brave face for the world. After all, who wants to be told (in response to the polite enquiry of “How are you”) that “I feel like rubbish and my disability is a pain in the arse as well as everywhere else! ”
    Those of us who know you well can see a little of what’s going on behind those beautiful eyes!
    We love you, admire you and would give the world to improve your situation. But you know that already.
    Meanwhile do what you do best. As Churchill said KBO.
    The blog is back – long live the blog.
    Happy adventuring and bundles of love,
    Nana xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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