Head over wheels…

So today I had an adventure on my hands.

My car had to go into the garage because it was making a noise that sounded a little bit like a strangled cat. So I booked it into the garage and I was left alone and car-less which I haven’t been since I passed my test over three years ago.

I felt lost.

But once I got over the initial loss and shock of the whole thing I looked at it as a test of my ability to make it in the world without Kacey (that’s what my car is called, don’t judge me).

Turns out I don’t do very well without her.

I ended up flat on my back with my skirt nearly flashing my undies to the world when I fell out of my chair backwards as I tried to independently get myself off the tube. It didn’t go well and I’m now currently sitting on the sofa with tea and cake to help myself get over the whole ordeal.

Aside from the extra pain I’m now in the whole experience was a pretty good one because it taught me a few things:

  • laughing about the ordeal is definitely the best way to go
  • don’t have such a heavy rucksack sitting on the back of your chair because it makes it a billion times more likely that you’ll end up like I did
  • the gaps between the train and the platform isn’t a gaping abyss that will swallow you whole if you even so much and dip your toe into it (except the gap at Bank – that will be the last time anyone ever sees you…)
  • there are so many lovely, lovely people who will come and save your bag, your wheelchair and your dignity when such an incident occurs
  • always say yes when your Mum offers her help.

So thank you to all the lovely people who helped me today. And just a quick final note:

Dear Vauxhall service people,

Please fix my car quickly. As you can see I’m not coping very well without her…

One thought on “Head over wheels…

  1. Tea and cake always puts the world to right…

    I believe if you put all the countries’ leaders into a room, gave them a bit of Carrot Cake and a cup of Earl Grey and watched old episodes of Cash In The Attic, all would be right with the world in no time.

    Joking aside, I hope you feel better soon.


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